Sweet Mini Pepper Drops, Brover, Tin/850ml



This product is a variety of tear drop shaped, small red pepper which are originally from Peru. They have a sweet and sour flavour along with a vibrant red colour -   great for salads and antipasto, or try them on a pizza

Tomato Pearls, Brover, Tin/850ml



brover pearl tomatoes are ideal for salads or garnish.  Juicy tomato cherries in very small size (less than 15 mm), preserved in a sweet-and-sour juice

Wild Irish DILLISK Seaweed Sprinkles, 35g



Our dillisk sprinkles have that distinctive salty taste without the high sodium content making it the ideal salt replacement

Shake some dillisk sprinkles on every meal : Scrambled egg , Pasta , Pizza, Baked Potatoes the possibilities are endless !!

Wild Irish KOMBU Seaweed Sprinkles, 65g



kombu is a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine,  with naturally occuring umami flavour.   use as a salt alternative.

Wild Irish SEA SALAD Seaweed Sprinkles, 35g



Sea Salad Sprinkles are a fusion of flavours from various seaweeds. Brown, Green and Red seaweeds combine to give this unique taste. It also brings together to enormous nutritional benefits from the various seaweeds. Ideal for Sprinkling into Soups, Stews , Chowders, On top of Salmon or Fish dishes, this is a must have in your cupboard

Seasoned Seaweed Salad Frozen (Wakame), JVA, 1kg



dressed seaweed salad makes a delicious side,  we like this salad with sliced cucumbers and makes a good accompaniment to fish dishes.   we recommend portioning wakame salad  before defrosting into four 250 gram serving portions.