Higgins 28D Dry Aged Cote de Beouf ~680g/24oz



Côte de boeuf, also known as Cowboy steak, in the US, is a thick rib-eye steak left on the bone and which is usually served as a meal for two people. It is a flavoursome single cut rib on the bone with beautiful marbling. This particular cut left on the bone gives extra flavour. It is best cooked medium rare, pan-seared and roasted or cooked over a BBQ. 

Beher Jamon Iberico Bone Out ~4.5kg, Beher Red



From the famous pata negra (black foot) pig - an excellent introduction to the delecatable taste of acorn-only fed pigs. The Beher Jamon Iberico weighs approximately 4.5kg and is cured for 30-36 months. Beher or Bernardo Hernandez, is a Spanish ham producer that has worldwide fame. It is situated in the town of Guijuelo, in the Protected Designation of O)rigion Jamon de Guijuelo. Beher "Bellota Oro" was eleccted as "Best Ham In The World" in IFFA Delicat 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Chorizo Ristra Picante for Cooking ~2.5kg



Chorizo Ristra Picante is a spicy cooking chorizo (sweet chorizo is called dulce). Three common varieties are vela (long, thin and straight), ristra (small and tied together) or sarta (U-shaped). The chorizo is made using chopped Iberian pork meat and pork fat, seasoned with paprika and garlic and piped into natural skins. A traditional curing process (5-6 months) is used which gives the chorizo special organoleptic charateristics. Spanish chrorizo gets its trademark smokey flavour and rich red colour from pimenton - smoked Spanish paprika

Nduja ~400g



A spicy, spreadable sausage from Calabria in southern Italy. Nduja - promounced as in-DOOJ-ah - is made with pork fat, herbs and spices, along with spicy Calabrian peppers, which give nduja chili heat and a distinctive red colour. There are also similarities to the Spanish cured sausage, sobrasada.

Iberico Pork Presa ~500g, Spain, Frozen



Iberico pork presa is an uncured cut from betweeen the shoulder and the loin of the black-footed Iberico de Bellota pigs.

Suckling Pig Belly Bone In ~ 700g, Frozen



The younger meat of the suckling pig is incredibly tender, has less fat and a more delicate flavour and texture. 

Chorizo Oreado, Cooking, Alejandro, 1kg bag



This chorizo originates from La Rioja in Northern Spain and is perfect for frying, steaming, roasting and BBQ. The chorizo is 100% natural (without gluten or lactose). This cooking chorizo has a softer texture when compared with the Chorizo Ristra Picante and is made using chooped Iberian pork meat and fat, paprika, salt and natural spices.